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it's my weekend, I'll sleep in if I want to.

Hello, it's your neighborhood CPI photographer, here. It's Monday. My day off.


I love my job. A lot. While I wish I could work every day, I know I can't. And it's not just because we don't have enough labor available. It's because it is EXHAUSTING. Some days I work half a shift, other days I work open to close. The majority of the time, I and my coworkers work alone. We are alone to handle the sits, the sales, the phones, the constant cleaning, the outreaching, the paperwork, everything.

By ourselves.

It's very tiring.

All the time, I hear parents complaining how worn out they are after a 15 minute session with their child. I feel no sympathy. One, because  I am at this work out, all day.  Two, because it's their child and 15 minutes shouldn't feel like a 10k marathon after having handled their child for the duration of his or her life.  And if said parents scheduled the appointment during a meal or naptime and the child is feisty, I have nothing to say, but what the hell were they thinking? More to come on that, later. The only times I feel a smidge of emotion for a mom, is when something happens preventing getting into the camera room on time and the child wears out (we do run on baby shedule, and sometimes stuff just happens), and when mom has an extra big kid, aka Daddy, on her hands and he is no more servicable to help keep things going than an infant for a nanny. That isn't to say there aren't any fantastic dads out there, because there are! (had a dad just this week who picked out the most fabulous outfit for his baby girl's 1st birthday pictures). We just don't often see them. More to come on that, later, too.

I'm still a little tired, and I'm down to my last Reece's cup, so I'm gonna call it a night on the ejlay. Hopefully I'll be a little more entertaining for the masses later.




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