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A few simple do's and don'ts...
Ok, the last few times I started to update I fell asleep at my laptop and have not got around to finishing up the entries I started. Those will eventually come later.

In light of a few ...shall I call them incidences? that have occured in the last few weeks, I just want to throw a few do's and don'ts out there.

1. DO: If, during your sales presentation, you have objections to certain products or offers we are showing you, let us know what you don't like. We have several options and will do our best to accomodate your needs and budget.

DON'T: Scoff at us and then threaten to walk out if we don't show you something you like, or give us an ultimatum that we have "one shot to show me something better or I'm outta here." Really, do you think this sort of behavior will get you anything? It won't. And don't be shocked if we end up asking you to leave.

2. DO: Assume that our products and services are competitively priced (because they are). We also have several special offers and collections in place to help save you money.

DON'T: Mouth off that you can get such and such at whatever price over at whowho's place, or that so and so lets you have whatever for some price. If you wanted someone else's price, you should have went there. And I'm not whowho. Welcome to Picture Me. Our prices are fair, our products are high quality, and you are under no obligation to make a purchase. Arguing about prices with us makes it difficult to work with you.

3. DO: Ask for us to call you later if we have called you at an inconvenient time. No problem.

DON'T: Hang up on us. Especially without saying anything. I take that as a not interested sign, and I will not call you back.

It's late, and I am tired. So, I will end this here and not use up all the do's and don'ts I can come up with at once.



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